Super Powered Smash Masters™

        Super Powered Smash Masters™ is the tongue-in-cheek superhero-themed collectible card game you’ve always wanted, but were afraid to ask for. It’s arguably the best game in the whole world! Do you deserve to experience this much comic nerd gaming bliss? Maybe?
        That’s right!


        • Recruit a team of heroes to battle other hero teams -- for no reason! It’s just like comics!
        • Defeat all your rival heroes to win the game. Obviously, right?
        • Strategic gameplay. Your rival players might fight back. Use strategy. Haha! They’ll never expect that!
        • Deck-building - assemble a collection of your best heroes and form a deck that compliments their abilities.
        • Card collecting - rare cards, amazing guest artists, signed cards, limited print runs. It’s just like comics!
        • SPSM is full of humor, amazing heroes, bizarro story twists, and terrible, well-nigh lethal puns.
        • The all-ages content is a great ‘jumping on point” for your brilliant and good-looking children (they favor you), and for your friends and families who might be new to CCGs.
        • A collectible card game you can play with your whole family!

        Super Powered Smash Masters™ is a love letter to our lifelong passion for comic book culture, but manifested in game form rather than love letter form, because we didn’t know where to send the love letter, and we can’t afford to get yet another restraining order (we are NOT going back to prison), and also we didn’t think we could run a business selling love letters to people.

        Unless you want to buy said love letters.

        Call us.