SPSM Rules

        Here's a video that shows how to play:


        The goal of Super Powered Smash Masters™ is to defeat all the rival heroes with at least one of your team's heroes left standing.
        If all of your heroes are defeated, you lose!
        The game is played with a variety of cards that do different things. There are 6 types:

          hero cards

        Heroes can perform attacks and other actions in the game. Their abilities and weaknesses stem from their Power Types:
        Mutant, Magic, Nature, or Gadget.

          super cards

        Each hero has a special card that can only be played by that specific hero. Super cards also revive their corresponding hero if they are stunned.

          smash cards

        Use these cards to attack heroes or counter attacks from rival heroes. Counters are treated as generic - immunities do not apply.

          story cards

        These cards affect ALL teams unless otherwise noted. This includes your own team!

          team-up cards

        A more powerful Smash card. You must have two active heroes to use it. If you play a Team-up card at any point during a battle, and you win, your rival isn't just stunned, they're defeated!

          loot cards

        Loot cards grant new powers to an active hero with a matching power type. Only one loot card can be in play per team at a time and is removed when the hero it is assigned to is stunned or defeated.
        Before you start playing, every player needs a "Hero Stack" and a "Deck".

          hero stack

        Choose 9 of your toughest, brawniest hero cards. This is your team!
        The only rule is: no duplicate heroes.


        Choose 50 non-hero cards that compliment your heroes. A few guidelines:
        - Each card in your deck must be unique. No duplicates of supers, loot, story, or team-up cards. (Smash cards are ok.)
        - No more than 25 smash cards in your deck!
        - It's a good idea to have corresponding super cards for each hero in your hero stack.

        Some Deckbuilding Tips

        Starting a Deck: We usually start building a deck by counting out 25 Smash cards - the maximum number of Smash cards currently allowed (but you can use fewer than 25 if you like). That leaves 25 additional cards to form the Deck, not including the nine Hero cards.
        Choosing Hero cards: Look closely at the hero cards and their powers. Think about possible synergies. We often find it works best if you have a strong mix of two power types* - for instance, mostly Mutant and Gadget heroes.
        Choosing Super cards: We ALWAYS include all of the Super cards associated with each hero included in the Hero Stack. 25 - 9 leaves 16 more cards to play around with.
        Filling out the Deck: After choosing heroes, we start including Team-Up, Loot, and Story cards that work best with the heroes. If you don't have a healer like Cat Lady or Help Centaur, it'd be a good idea to add Loot Cards or Story cards that revive heroes when stunned.

        *Including a small number of heroes with a third or fourth power type can sometimes save one's bacon.

        Here's one of many approaches to creating a Hero Deck, demonstrated by one of our earliest testers:
        1. SHUFFLE the Deck and Hero Stack separately.
        2. PLACE the Deck and Hero Stack face down on either side of your play area.
        3. DRAW 3 heroes from the Hero Stack and place them face up between the Deck and Hero Stack.
        4. DRAW 5 cards from the Deck into your Hand.

        Once everyone is set up, you're ready to play!
        Flip a coin (or a car) to see who goes first. Play moves clockwise.

        On your turn you can do one of the following actions:
        - Attack a hero with a Smash Card.
        - Use a Hero's Power.
        - Play a Story Card.
        - Play a Super Card.
        - Attack a hero with a Team-Up Card.
        - Play a Loot Card.
        - Place one of your stunned heroes into the Defeated Heroes pile and draw a new hero to replace them.
        - Discard an unwanted card in your Hand and draw another from the Deck.

        If you can't perform an action during your turn (or choose not to), you MUST Discard.


        Always maintain 5 cards in your hand. If you play a card, immediately draw a new one to replace it.

        Smash Cards are a basic attack that a hero performs against a rival hero.
        To Attack, place a Smash Card in front of an active hero on your team and announce which rival hero you're attacking.
        - If a hero is attacked and can't counter with a Smash Card of their own, the hero is Stunned.
        - If an attacking hero can't counter a counter, then the attacking hero is Stunned.
        - Players can counter back and forth as long as they have Smash Cards to counter with. (Don't forget to draw new cards!)
        - When a hero is Stunned, rotate the card sideways.

        For more check out a video demo of a Smash Battle!

        - Stunned heroes are defenseless. They can't Attack or Counter with Smash Cards, play Loot or Team-Up cards, nor can they use their hero Powers.
        - If a Stunned hero is attacked, the hero is Defeated. Place it in the Defeated Heroes pile.
        - A Super card can Revive its corresponding hero, if stunned.
        - If all the heroes on a team are stunned, you can still play Super and Story cards.


        Maintain at least 3 heroes on the table. When one is defeated, draw a new one from the Hero Stack.

        - It costs a turn to equip a Loot Card unless it can be played against a rival player's actions.
        - Equip a Loot Card by placing it below the hero.
        - Only one active hero per team can be equipped with a Loot Card at a time.
        - The hero's Power Type must match the Loot Card's power type to be played.
        - Unless noted, the equipped Loot Card remains in effect until the hero using is Stunned or Defeated. At that point, the Loot Card is discarded.

        - Team-Up cards can be used at any point during a smash battle - like a smash card - but if the player who played the Team-Up card wins, the rival hero isn't just Stunned, they are Defeated.
        - You must have two active heroes to use a Team-Up Card.
        - The Power Types of your active heroes must match the power types on the Team-Up Card.*
        - If using a Team-Up card to initiate an attack, choose one of your heroes to be the "lead" attacker. If you lose the battle, this hero will be Stunned. The second hero is not affected by the outcome of the battle.
        - After a Team-Up card is played, smash cards are used to continue the attack. You can use more than one Team-Up card in a battle, but there is no added advantage to doing so.

        *At launch, we plan to remove the power type requirement. Two active heroes of any type are all that is required to use a Team-Up card.

        The last team left standing, wins!

        - Only draw new cards when your hand has less than 5 cards.
        - Only draw new heroes when you have less than 3 heroes on the table.
        - Do not change your hero positions. If a hero is Defeated, place a new hero in the vacant spot.
        - If there are two empty spots, you may choose where to place your new heroes.
        - You may choose NOT to use your hero's power.
        - If you play a card that allows you to draw cards, draw one card to replace it and maintain 5 cards in your hand, and then draw the new cards.
        - Super Powered Smash Masters is best played with 2 - 8 players, but we've looked into this, and apparently there's no legal way to enforce that rule. Just know that we're watching. Always watching.
        - It is illegal to cause yourself to lose the game. You may face steep fines.
        - If a card you're playing says "all teams", it includes your own team.
        - Using an active Loot Card ability (such as X-Ray Spex) costs a turn. Passive "always on" abilities do not cost a turn.
        - Powers of stunned heroes aren't available until the turn after they're revived.
        - If Cool Man is the last hero on a team, his Super Card does not kick him off the team.
        - Reshuffle your deck when you run out of cards.
        - If you've reduced a child to tears... you might be trying too hard.