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    Kickstarter - Refer A Friend!

    Oct 20, 2016

    Hey everyone! Our Kickstarter is now officially LIVE and we're hard at work getting this game to take off.

    In order to make that happen we asked ourselves two questions: "Wouldn't it be great if more people backed the game?" and "How can give away free stuff?"

    Well, through the magic of logic, we managed to come up with a single answer to both questions!
    First, we're offering a few goodies as add-ons for people who have already backed the game but would like to snag some extra stuff. Add-ons are usually available through Kickstarter by simply adding money to your pledge - and we're going to let you do that - but if you'd rather not pay, we're also giving them away for FREE!

    How? It's simple: Refer-A-Friend to earn yourself a free add-on!

    Here's How It Works:

    There are 3 Add-Ons and two ways to get each one.

    • 4 Kickstarter Exclusive cards ===> Pay $5 ...OR... Refer 1 Friend
    • A t-shirt featuring Dark Unicorn ===> Pay $20 ...OR... Refer 3 Friends
    • Add another 4-Player copy of the game! ===> Pay $25 ...OR... Refer 5 Friends

    Here's a handy graphic to break it down:


    • If you refer 1 friend who backs the game, you get our 4 Kickstarter-exclusive cards for free.
    • If you refer 3 friends, you get free cards, and you get a Super Powered Smash Masters t-shirt.
    • If you refer 5 friends, you get 4 cards, the t-shirt, and a second free copy of the game in addition to your original order.

    There are, of course, a few details you should know about.


    To be eligible:

    • You must be a base set backer ($25) or higher to qualify.
    • When your friend pledges, they MUST mention your name in a message to us. We'll make a note of it and notify you when you've earned an add-on.
    • Your friends must also pledge at the base set level ($25) or higher.
    • You and your referred friends must continue to back the campaign to its completion.
    • Cancelling your pledge and re-pledging does not count as a second referral.

    So that's it. Ready to earn some FREE goodies?!?

    We thought so.

    Go get 'em, tiger!

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