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    Connect More Previews SPSM

    Nov 10, 2016

    David Minken from Connect More Board Games and his Tiny Table-Toppers playtested an advanced copy of Super Powered Smash Masters and had a great time. They posted a video preview and, from the looks of it, they really enjoyed smashing things up! (Go, Glam Rock!) Have a look for yourself:

    Just to clarify a few points that David mentions: We sent him a 2 player pack of cards for testing purposes but the Base Set of the game on Kickstarter will be a 4-Player set of 250 cards with 40 heroes. So even a 4-player game won't use every hero available - meaning there will be lots to choose from when building your decks.

    Also, the Base Set will include ALL of the cards we're creating for the first edition of the game. It's a customizable game, but not collectible in that you'll have to buy an endless series of cards like other CCGs. (*cough*...Pokemon... *cough*).

    Time is running out to back the game, so be sure to SWING BY THE KICKSTARTER PAGE AND PICK UP A COPY TODAY!

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