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    Happy Holidays from Rage Ranger!

    Nov 23, 2016

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in America), and you know what that means: STRESS! (Sure, there's some turkey and stuffing in there, but mostly it's chocked full of anxiety, tension, and maybe even some arguing, right?) Well, get ready to meet a super hero that knows exactly what you're going through - Rage Ranger!

    Rage Ranger wasn't always the angriest hero in the Super Powered Smash Masters universe. She used to enjoy a little Dungeons & Dragons on the weekend and a nice latte on the way to work the same as everyone else. You know, trying desperately to ignore the stresses of life: that obnoxious co-worker, a mailbox stuffed with credit card solicitations, a drawer with nothing but mismatched socks, a nocturnal hairball puking cat... Then one day her local barrista misspelled her name on the side of her cup and she... just... snapped.

    (It's also true that her mother took too much of an experimental, radioactive anger management drug while pregnant and Rage Ranger's been throwing city-leveling tantrums ever since she could walk, but we think it was really the barrista that set her off.)

    Now Rage Ranger is one of the most dangerous heroes in the deck. Whenever one of her teammates is defeated, she flies off the handle and her next smash card attack can't be countered. Pretty powerful, huh?

    It's such a great trick in fact, you could almost see yourself intentionally sacrificing an already stunned hero just to get her all riled up, but we know you'd never toy with her emotions like that. Just like you promised not to talk to your uncle Jerry about the election during Thanksgiving dinner this year. Riiiiiight??

    We've got more heroes to tell you about, but we'll let you get through the holiday first. Yeah. Good luck with that.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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