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    Non-Prophet knows what you want for Christmas!

    Dec 1, 2016

    It's time to start winding down 2016 and that means one thing, kiddos: Christmas lists! Well, forget Santa Claus because the guy who REALLY knows if you've been naughty or nice doesn't wear red, he wears a cape and a crystal ball on his head. He's the unpredictable Non-Prophet!

    Not much is known about Non-Prophet's past and if you ask him he won't tell you. Why not? Because Non-Prophet doesn't dwell in the past, he only looks toward the future.

    Sure he's got his critics, but this hero with a penchant for prognostication is never caught off-guard by nay-sayers. His ability to take a peek at the next card in every rival's deck let's you know what's coming and his Super Card protects your whole team from the effect of an opponent's Story Card. HA! Saw that coming!

    So when you're making out that list of goodies you want to get this holiday season, remember what Non-Prophet thinks of your heart's desires: Sooooo Predictable!

    More heroes and updates are on the way. Look Out!!

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