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    Gen Con, Expert Set!

    Sep 4, 2017

    ... and so the adventurers returned from their quest, ragged and wearied, but richer for the challenges they had conquered, the monsters they slew (those were monsters, right?), and for the new friendships forged in the chaos of smashtacular battles. We shared the noble game of Super Powered Smash Masters with the world, and returned home with bags brimming over with notes, excitement, ideas, changes, feedback, and, of course, receipts.

    Dark Unicorn Games is profoundly grateful to all you heroic players who joined us at the round table in the First Exposure Playtest Hall. Follow-up emails will be heading your way next week with offers to subscribe to our newsletter, and to confirm that you'd like your names credited as game testers.

    During our intensive play sessions, we stress-tested our game with groups of 4 and 6 players, and we were overwhelmed by all the positive responses! Thanks for your invaluable feedback and your generous time. You're helping us make the game even better!

    We came to the convention with a near-print ready product. Our plan was not just to meet new Smash Masters, but to gather input, with a willingness to learn and to improve. We are now busy making final changes and adjustments, honing the game to its sharpest edge!

    Our goal is to self-fund a first print run of the game in the next few months (maybe a few more than a few months). We'll have more exciting updates coming up soon, so sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook! Same unicorn time, same unicorn channel!

    -The DUG Team

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