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    Too Cool for School!

    Sep 30, 2018

    Hey Dark Unifriends! Our kids are back to school, so we decided to write you a quick essay on what we were up to this summer.

    While we work on getting the finances together for our first print run, the Dark Unicorn team is making use of the time by adding more improvements to our upcoming card game, Super Powered Smash Masters. As a byproduct, we’ve lifted the goalpost even higher for ourselves, so that when we do eventually shout “GOAL”, we can feel totally justified.

    We now plan to offer a four-player core set AND a two-player standalone set (four-player set pictured below). Both sets will have different hero cards that we think you’ll love. To further amp up the value (and production costs), we’ve also done an art pass on all the super cards and the story cards with individual unique illustrations (they previously shared some generic art). They’re just loverly.

    We’ll be posting some sneak peeks for our latest cards, so stay tuned to this smash channel!

    -The DUG Team

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