How To Design Super Powered Smash Masters – Part 3 of 5

July 13, 2019July 12, 2019

Step 3: Prototyping After I had identified a few different card categories, I jumped into Photoshop and put together some prototype cards so I could print them up and test ‘em out.  I like to get to the testing part as quickly as possible. I have this vision developing for the game, and I’m impatient […]

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How To Design Super Powered Smash Masters – Part 2 of 5

July 6, 2019July 5, 2019

Step 2: The Concept I’ve been a game designer for twenty-five years. I’ve made card games and PC games and mobile games, console games, VR games, role-playing games, puzzle games, cheap casual games and AAA hardcore games. And I can tell you that there’s one tried and true method that game designers most often use […]

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Hero of the Week: Non-Prophet

July 5, 2019July 5, 2019

You thought that guy with the fish bowl on his head and all the green smoke was the only comic character with a glass globe on his noggin? Meet Non-Prophet. Is he a genuine Gypsy fortune-teller or just renaissance fair employee who got his head stuck in a crystal ball and decided to roll with […]

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How To Design Super Powered Smash Masters – Part 1 of 4

June 29, 2019June 29, 2019

Step 1: Origin Story. I know what you’re all thinking. It’s something that people keep asking me. It’s usually the first thing people say when they learn about Super Powered Smash Masters.  Why? Why did you do this?!Well, this is really supposed to be about how I did it, but here’s a brief answer: One […]

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That’s so COOL, man!

June 28, 2019July 4, 2019

Hero of the Week: Cool Man Hey. Ben here. Today’s hero of the week has a special place in the customized deck of my heart. That’s because this week’s hero, Cool Man, is actually the invention of my son, Ethan. You might see Ethan in other places around the website. He’s been a Smash Masters […]

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Rage Ranger

June 22, 2019May 20, 2019

Hero of the Week! Don’t you hate it when you lose your temper, grow to be a 50-foot smashing machine, get free attacks on your enemies, then everyone is scared of you for the rest of the game? Yeah, so does Rage Ranger. Rage Ranger is available in the Core Set (First Ed.), available for […]

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Gamblin’ Man

June 14, 2019May 20, 2019

Hero of the Week! While we here at Dark Unicorn Games don’t normally recommend gambling for anyone under the age of 18, Gamblin’ Man has somehow turned pressing his luck into an heroic art form. What are the chances you’re going to use Gamblin’ Man to wipe the card table with your foes? Eh… probably […]

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Dark Unicorn

June 12, 2019June 17, 2019

It’s Dark Unicorn Day! Dark Unicorn is available in the Core Set (First Ed.), available for PREORDER now! Become a Recruit in the Smash Masters Masters Club to get your own Dark Unicorn mask! Follow the link to learn more about the club, how to join, and how to get your rewards.

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Ready? Let’s Smash It Up!

June 10, 2019June 24, 2019

It’s official, so it’s time for the BIG reveal: Super Powered Smash Masters is AT THE PRINTER!! Yes, you read that right! We’ve been slowly (slowly) finalizing the game and raising the funds to make it happen, but in 8-10 week’s time, our Smash Cave will be overflowing with customizable card game-y goodness! We will […]

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Too Cool for School!

September 30, 2018April 10, 2019

Hey Dark Unifriends! Our kids are back to school, so we decided to write you a quick essay on what we were up to this summer. While we work on getting the finances together for our first print run, the Dark Unicorn team is making use of the time by adding more improvements to our […]

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