Pre-Order Bundle Deal!

September 15, 2019September 16, 2019

Here’s a special deal: Pre-Order both sets of the game before the end of the month (Sept 30), and you’ll receive a little something extra in your SPSM shipment! But what is it you ask? How about a FREE 5×7 black and white original sketch by one of the SPSM card artists? Sound cool? It […]

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Labor Day Sale!

September 2, 2019September 1, 2019

Home from work? Need a special treat that you don’t have to make yourself? How about this? Save $5 on the CORE SET version of the game when you Pre-Order – TODAY ONLY! Happy Labor Day!

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We Have Production Samples!

August 27, 2019August 21, 2019

Christmas Comes Early at DUG HQ! Our printer (Print Ninja) sent us some production samples and, MAN, do they look SWEET! We’re not great at math, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth at least ten or eleven thousand. So here you go! (And here are some […]

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Fossil Fool – A Memoire

August 15, 2019August 15, 2019

We’re digging up the dirt on Fossil Fool, and we’re taking you with us! By Adam Cogan We have a lot of parents here at Dark Unicorn Games. So when we design a new product, we want to create opportunities for our kids to get involved. That’s why some of our favorite heroes in Super […]

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Printer Update!

August 11, 2019August 11, 2019

SQUEEEEEE – we’re getting so, so close now! Check out these pics of the game before it gets shipped to our secret lair in North Carolina. We can almost smell the ink! One thing you can see in these photos is the plastic insert in each set’s box. We added slots to let you organize […]

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GEN CON 2019!

August 1, 2019August 1, 2019

Gen Con, North America’s largest tabletop game convention is about to crit us all this week, and with it will come HUNDREDS of new game debuts and reveals, and we’re going to write about almost none of them here! Next year Dark Unicorn Games hopes to attend this roiling RPG mosh pit as an exhibitor, […]

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SDCC Rewind!

August 1, 2019August 1, 2019

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 has come to an end, but we’ve consolidated a modest handful of our favorite nerdy news and reveals. We’ll go into a few details, but hey, take a look at this handy list of nearly all the major trailers from SDCC, including The Witcher, Cats, Watchmen, The Dark Crystal, The Expanse, […]

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Spinning Wheels on Treadmills and Business

July 29, 2019July 21, 2019

A Short History of Dark Unicorn Games By John O’Neill, Chief Juggling Officer, Dark Unicorn Games Treadmills are funny things, and I’m not shy to say how much I hate them.  You can spend so much time running on those mechanized beasts, and never move from a stationary position.  Sometimes it’s hard to see what progress you’re […]

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How To Design Super Powered Smash Masters – Part 5 of 5

July 21, 2019July 21, 2019

Step 5: Know John O’Neill (the birth of Dark Unicorn Games) John is the crucial third leg of our Dark Unicorn tripod, and without him, we’d fall down. Like Ben and I, John is a multi-class adventurer. He’s a hyper-intelligent game programmer as well as a seasoned entrepreneur and business tycoon. All absolutely vital skills […]

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How To Design Super Powered Smash Masters – Part 4 of 5

July 20, 2019July 25, 2019

Step 4: Know Ben Lichius Wanna make a game like Super Powered Smash Masters? Befriend Ben Lichius as quickly as possible. No, really.  Ben Lichius is the art director at Dark Unicorn Games. Our company was established in 2016, but we’ve actually been working together off and on since around 2000 AD (gulp), which means… […]

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