Watch a Full Game of SPSM!

December 9, 2019December 9, 2019

Thanks to the magic multiple i-devices in our home, we’re now able to bring to you… a full game of Smash Masters! Now you can watch as Ben and Ethan battle it out for the title of Smash Master Supreme! Watch. Learn. Smash!

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Happy Holidays from Rage Ranger!

November 23, 2016April 10, 2019

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in America), and you know what that means: STRESS! (Sure, there’s some turkey and stuffing in there, but mostly it’s chocked full of anxiety, tension, and maybe even some arguing, right?) Well, get ready to meet a super hero that knows exactly what you’re going through – Rage Ranger! Rage Ranger wasn’t always […]

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Story Cards!

October 24, 2016April 10, 2019

So what are these “story cards” and how do they work? If only there were someone to explain it to us. If only someone could show us an example of how it… oh… right. Here’s Emily with an epic take-down using one of her favorite story cards… ‘Golden Age’! Well played, Emily. Well played! Write […]

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Building a Hero Deck!

October 3, 2016March 30, 2019

Heroes, heroes, heroes. Yes, there a ton of fun, awesome heroes in Super Powered Smash Masters, but how do you pick which ones to put on your team?! Our resident Smash Master, Ethan, is here to help. There are lots of different ways to build a hero deck of course. Ethan’s method should allow you to […]

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Smash Battles!

August 23, 2016March 30, 2019

Less talk! More action! The primary means of defeating your enemies in Super Powered Smash Masters is the SMASH BATTLE! One of the primary ways to defeat rival heroes is to attack them with smash cards. Just place a smash card in front of your attacking (active) hero and announce which rival hero you are attacking. If they […]

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Zoe’s Zone – More on Ghost Pirate

August 11, 2016August 11, 2019

Another of our earliest playtester, Zoe, is here to share her thoughts about one of her favorite Super Powered Smash Masters heroes: Ghost Pirate. But first, here’s a little bit of strategy for all you more serious gamers out there… Playing with Ghost Pirate The first thing you need to know about Ghost Pirate is that he’s very, very […]

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