One of the nice things about going to conventions is that you get the chance to tell people about Smash Masters face-to-face.

Another nice thing about going to conventions is that sometimes those people have a microphone in front of their face and then they record what you say in that microphone and put it on the internet so that everyone who didn’t come to the convention can hear you talk about Smash Masters.

Well, at the Chicago Toy & Game fair last month, that very thing happened and, now, you can listen to it as Nick Martinelli interviews Ben Lichius!

Here’s the podcast (the interview starts at the 20:20 mark):

Or listen on Spotify:

An, NO! Ben did NOT do “all” of the artwork for the game. (What a jerk!) If you want to see more of the game’s art by our fabulous cohort of talented artists, you should jump over to the Artist Spotlight portion of the blog.

Here’s the link to The Family Gamers page so you can subscribe to all their stuff:

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