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    • Cyborg_Gecko Participant
      October 5, 2019 at 5:22 pm #9698

      Hello! I thought it would be neat to make a topic where we could post and discuss deck lists! Here’s one of mine to start.
      – Characters & Corresponding Supers
      Mister McMimic
      Doctor Deciduous
      Power Walker
      Ghost Pirate
      The Help Centaur
      – Story Cards (9)
      Don’t Make Me Angry
      Decompression Ray
      Recall, Recall, Recall
      New Mutation
      Origin Is The New Smash
      Spies Dislike Us

    • Ethan Participant
      November 9, 2019 at 1:25 pm #12293


      I am wondering why you chose this deck. If you want to you can watch my deck building video on the “How to Play” section on the website. Here’s a link…

      That probably is my dream deck. Although to be fair I’ve never tried it out. I usually build my own balanced decks, because I’m usually the only one with a set.

      btw, Cyborg_Gecko , I love your profile pic

    • Cyborg_Gecko Participant
      December 13, 2019 at 4:08 pm #15069

      I have also never gotten to try out my deck! Me and some of my friends meet weekly at a coffee shop to play board games, and I am the only one ( so far ) who has a set. Usually, we draft for Characters and Story Cards to determine our decks.
      So, the reasons why I chose the characters that I did,
      Mister McMimic : If you couldn’t tell by my profile pic, He is my favorite character. His versatility makes him an invaluable asset to the team. I also have 2 valid characters on my team that have powers that MMM can mimic.
      Zebro : He is mostly a combo piece with Doctor Deciduous but, on his own his evasiveness makes him a pretty powerful character.
      Doctor Deciduous : Speaking of combo pieces, Doctor Deciduous paired with Zebro turns Zebro into another Power Walker. Also since I only have 2 Nature heroes on my team, that means that there are 4 other nature heroes running around to worry about ( if we are are only using the core set ). It also makes Crimson Crustacean easier to deal with.
      Power Walker : Since smash attacks are the main way to KO your opponents heroes, thus making it the main way to win, having a character that can’t be attacked is very helpful for your game plan.
      Ghost Pirate : Since a lot of my characters so far have been defense based, I figured hey, I need an offense based hero, hey, Ghost Pirate is cool, hey, Ghost Pirate is an offense based hero. Might as well add him to the team. Also he gets a free attack against about 50% of the heroes so he’s pretty good!
      The Help Centaur: Finally, I needed a healer on my team so, I chose The Help Centaur! I usually start the game with THC on the far right and my I think that my opponents would probably want to attack other characters like Zebro or MMM before they get too problematic. Meaning that I will get to revive mutiple characters with his ability.

    • Ethan Participant
      July 5, 2020 at 4:52 pm #27570

      Some discussion questions if you have both sets:
      why not use cat lady as a healer instead of the help centaur b/c she can revive anyone on your team and her super works as a better offensive attack than the help centaur?

      Also why not use Gila Dancer as an offensive hero instead of ghost pirate? No offensive to ghost pirate but she’s way better.

      And I highly suggest putting plot hole in your deck it is without a doubt the best story card! A total game changer!

      No offense a few of the cards you chose for your deck there are better versions of somewhere else within the game.

      Also I should try drafting cards for decks with my friends nice idea!

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