We’re back with the second part of our interview with the man who drew all of the SPSM story cards, Dean Kotz!

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DUG: Do you have any gateway comics to recommend to non comic readers?

DEAN: Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli. It’s grounded in the real world enough to be enjoyed as a straightforward crime drama, but Miller and Mazzuchelli use every strength and trick of sequential storytelling to give the reader an incredibly rich experience.  It’s a perfect example of what makes comics such a unique medium. 

DUG: Are you reading anything right now?

DEAN: Something old at the moment.  I recently picked up an IDW collection of the X-9, Secret Agent Corrigan newspaper strip by Goodwin and Williamson.  I love Williamson’s ’70s B&W work, and it’s so fun to just linger on the large format strips.     

DUG: Are there any other creators you’d like to hype?

DEAN: Oh, oodles!  But I’m afraid I’ll forget someone!  I’m really excited by a lot of the titles coming from my fellow creators at Alterna.  Books like Blood RealmMighty MascotsVoidwalkerFeast or FamineScrimshaw, and Cyko KO.  There’s a great “anything goes” vibe at Alterna that reminds me of the fun black and white boom of the late ’80s.  So many different genres, and every title is so unique.  And they’re cheap, so you can easily try an issue or two.  

DUG: If you could be one hero from SPSM, which one would it be?

DEAN: Probably Implausible Man. With the extra arms I could get more drawing done.


Thank you, Dean! Now that the game is out, you can see all of Dean’s wonderful story cards by picking up a copy of Super Powered Smash Masters for yourself!

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