It’s a crazy world out there right now. One thing that’s always been true in the world of comics though is that Heroes Wear Masks! And Dark Unicorn Games is here to help. We’ve designed a state-of-the-art accessory that we’re calling the ‘Smash Mask.’ With a little bit of velcro magic, it turns any cloth face covering into a mask you can wear like a pair of glasses. Easy on, easy off! Tired of straps that pull on your ears or trying to tie a knot blindly behind your head? Yeah, so are we! Here’s a little video we put together to tell you all about it. Be sure to share it with your friends!

Here’s the best part: We’re making the Smash Mask available to everyone for FREE! Yep, just download the STL file and you can 3D print your own earpieces. Attach some velcro and you’re ready to rock and roll. No more strings attached. How awesome is that? (You’ll send us photos though, right? And you’ll share? And like? And subscribe? C’mon… we’ve been quarantining so long, we’re a little attention deprived…)

Click below to get your free Smash Mask materials and find out how to make your own!

Stay safe out there everyone!

Did we mention the sharing…? Yeah? Oh, OK…

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