Dark Unicorn Games Releases Super Powered Smash Masters

RALEIGH, N.C. – October 8, 2019 – Dark Unicorn Games is proud to release their inaugural table-top card game, Super Powered Smash Masters™.

Super Powered Smash Masters™ is a fast-paced, kid-friendly, tongue-in-cheek game for two to eight players. It’s a great way to share your nerdy interests with your friends and family while also humiliating them with your superior smash mastery.

Choose your favorite heroes, customize your deck, and start smashing! Super Powered Smash Masters™ is full of humor, with amazing heroes, bizarro story twists, and terrible, well-nigh lethal puns.

“It all started with my daughters,” said Adam Cogan, Game Designer. “I wanted to share my love of superheroes and comics and gaming with them, but the existing superhero games have rules that can be a challenge for newcomers to understand.” 

“And I had other more selfish reasons for making the game. My kids were often lobbying me to play with them, but most of the age-appropriate games made me want to pull my hair out. And that hurts! So I wanted to make a family game that would be fun for everyone and still preserve my hairline.”

And thus, Super Powered Smash Masters™ was born. 

“Why do you want a quote from me?” said John O’Neill, CEO of Dark Unicorn Games. “To make it more legitimate? Sure, okay.”

For more information on how to secure your copy of Super Powered Smash Masters™, please visit www.darkunicorngames.com and spend all of your money.

About Dark Unicorn Games

Dark Unicorn Games is a tabletop and video game company based in Raleigh, NC. Founded in 2016 by grizzled veterans of the game and comic book industries, the team specializes in producing games that are family-friendly and fun. Learn more at www.darkunicorngames.com


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