The Smash Mask!

Heroes wear masks and super heroes wear super masks. What do Smash Masters wear? Why Smash Masks, of course! Dark Unicorn Games has created a mask that you can make at home – and we’re giving it away, for FREE! All you need is a 3D printer, some velcro, and some simple sewing skills and you’ll have your own Smash Mask in no time.

The Smash Mask is:

  • A mask you wear like glasses. Easy on, easy off!
  • Customizable – Fits any style cloth mask (just add velcro)
  • Comfortable – Lightweight and doesn’t press on your face – rests comfortably on your ears
  • Adjustable – Adjust the placement of the earpieces for the best overall fit.
  • Dependable – Won’t fall off while jumping around on rooftops and fighting crime!

What You’ll Need:


  1. Use a 3D printer and the STL file to create the Smash Mask earpieces. Here are some specs:
    — For use with any PLA filament
    — Minor use of supports and raft is recommended
    — Support Overhang Threshold = 70%
    — Layer Height = .18mm
    — Fill Density = 15%
    — Depending on your print, you may want to sand/file off some of the rough edges
  2. Cut some of the sticky back velcro to fit on the outside stem of each earpiece (same side as the Dark Unicorn Logo). We prefer to cut the scratchy “hook” side to use on the earpieces and then use the softer “loop” side on the mask.
  3. Choose a cloth mask design. If you already have a cloth mask, skip to step 4. If not, find a pattern of one to sew or purchase one in a store or online. The best designs reach almost to your ears and have a place to sew in some velcro strips. Other nice-to-have features would be a flexible nose strip and a seam to go under your chin. Form-fitting designs seem best, but any design should work. If you retro-fitting an existing mask, you can either remove the ear straps or leave them on. It’s up to you.
  4. Sew velcro strips to the inside of the mask – one on each side. Again, we prefer the softer “loop” side to be used on the mask itself. That way it’s softer against your face.
  5. Attach the earpieces to the mask via the velcro and adjust as needed. (Be sure to remove the earpieces before putting your mask in the wash).
  6. Get out there and fight some crime!

If you have a cloth mask already made, it can take less than 90 minutes!

If any of you arts-and-craftsy folks out there come up with any other tips and tricks, let us know!


Use at your own risk!
Smash Masks are not designed to be used in clinical spaces or anywhere strict PPE may be required. Depending on the mask design, Smash Masks generally provide a “loose” fit for easy on and off use. If you’re just out and about, they’re great. If you’re working with sick patients, stick to the industry standards!

The Smash Mask is copyright 2020 Dark Unicorn Games. Not for resale!


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