For Dark Unicorn Games, this is the most exciting time of the year. 

No, we’re not talking about Prime Day (which we recently learned is actually TWO days–very confusing). And we’re not talking about National Lawn Mowing Day, which we made up, and also we hate it. No, we’re talking about the San Diego Comic-Con, which was probably pretty clear in the title, so the rest of this paragraph was just superfluous.

San Diego Comic-Con begins tonight with Preview Night, in which the real die hards may attend workshops, screenings, or, if they’re very lucky, they might even grab a sneak peak at the under-construction booths in the exhibit hall! Then it’s four smashtastic days of nerd insanity lasting from Thursday the 18th to Sunday the 21st. 

All, or most of the exalted luminaries of the nerd and pop-culture scene will be converging this week in San Diego (even though most of them live in LA) in order to sign comics, host panels, promote their various movies, tv shows, comics and games, and of course there are always some major news announcements, exclusive previews, and huge reveals. 

Dark Unicorn Games won’t be attending this year (maybe 2020?), but in the interest of being less superfluous and more superheroic, we thought we’d round up some reasons why we’re so stoked about this convention. 

There will of course be comics at San Diego Comic-Con. They’ll probably be cowering just behind the fifty-foot Gundam and not easy to spot, but they’ll be there. All the big publishers attend this event, along with a rogue’s gallery of dangerous-looking indies. There will also be comic creators there in the actual, un-FaceApped flesh. Some will attend panels, sketch sketches, sign books, hawk wares, or wear hawks. If you’re going this year, please remember that it all started with the comics, so set aside some time to wander artist alley, buy a few books or original art, and give some love to the creators who made this wonderful nerd explosion happen. 

Speaking of art-gods, you might seek out Bill Sienkeiwicz at booth #2614 and get a code for free shipping if you buy his upcoming art book Revolution Vol.1. Because Bill Sienkeiwicz is so amazing we’re willing to type out his last name twice in one paragraph. Funny story – our own Ben Lichius met Bill some years ago by chance as Bill was ambling past Ben’s house. Hmm… maybe we’ll let Ben tell you that one someday. When you’re older.

There will also be some toys.

And also toys.

The charity-ish crowdfund experience organization Omaze is taking a few lucky folks to Comic-Con this year. In addition to attending all four days of the event, winners will also be having dinner with Kevin Eastman of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, and possibly pay for it–that part’s not clear. Either way, Kevin’s gonna eat, got it? He’s busy at these shows and needs to keep his strength up. Omaze usually has one or more convention-related opportunities every year, which is probably how we’re going to get there in 2020!

And there will be panels. Some folks camp out for days just to attend a single panel. Fun! 

Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss will be hosting a panel, along with many cast members. We’re hoping the talk won’t get so caught up in the negative feelings of the final season and leave some time to talk about spinoff shows and future plans. No one is saying that’s going to happen, but we can hope.

*UPDATE* We’ve just learned that David and Dan had some scheduling conflicts and will not be able to attend their panel.

Patrick Stewart is to appear at the Picard Panel, a show we’re extremely excited about even though we know we’ll have to miss it because we don’t currently subscribe to CBS All Access. Apparently there’s going to be way, way more wine involved in this spinoff Trek series, and that bodes well. Stewart is a rare vintage and always worth watching.

Marvel Comics will have a dizzying array of comic announcements, giveaways, and panels, according to this helpful schedule.  

There may also be more announcements for the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s in store for Phase 4 and this post-Endgame world? We hope to learn more about Shang-Chi, Marvel’s first film to cast an Asian leading actor, Captain Marvel 2, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, a Ms. Marvel film, Black Panther 2, and the upcoming Black Widow film. Do you sometimes want to say Black Widow, but the name Scarlet Witch pops into your head every time because of Scarlett Johanson? No? Well, now you will. Anyway, we probably won’t actually hear much about any of that stuff, because Disney has in recent years saved its big announcement for its own D23 and Star Wars Celebration events. They also have an upcoming streaming service, by the way. 

DC has also posted their SDCC schedule, which will bring its own brand of major reveals. Did you know that Bat Man’s butler Alfred has a last name? It’s TRUE! His name is Pennyworth. He’s going to have a TV show. Pennyworth is a kinda classist name, DC. Did the Wayne’s make him change it? Wow. By the way, they recently announced a very exciting Warren Ellis/Bryan Hitch Batman limited series (yay!). We’d like to hear more about the future of the Young Justice animated series, which is one of the absolute finest animated series we’re not watching right now because it only airs on the DC Universe streaming service.

HBO will be talking about the upcoming Watchmen series, adapted from the greatest gorram comics of all freakin’ time. Also, His Dark Materials looms on the horizon, adapted from some fascinating fantasy novels by author Philip Pullman, which may bring some straying fantasy-lovin’ GOT fans back to the service.

 Netflix will surely talk about some of its stranger things, such as the upcoming The Dark Crystal and The Witcher series, and… more reveals? 

And this is just some random stuff that HASN’T been revealed yet. We’ll follow up at the end of this shindig with a few of our favorite news bites.

Hey Smashmasters – are you attending Comic-Con this year? Let us know in the comments, tell us about what YOU are excited about (man, there’s so much), and let us know if you spot that hawk-wearing dude. Gotta watch that guy.

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