Super Powered Smash Masters™ The fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, superhero-themed, customizable card game you can play with your whole family! It’s crammed full of humor, amazing heroes, bizarro story twists, and dangerous puns.

Characters Available in this Set:


  • Recruit a team of heroes to battle other hero teams — for no reason! It’s just like comics!
  • Defeat all rivals to win.
  • Customize your deck! Choose your best heroes and create a deck that compliments their abilities.
  • Can be combined with other SPSM sets.
  • Groups of up to 8 people (or more) can play together!
  • Fast-Paced Fun! Beat up your friends and still have time for… well… another game of Smash Masters!



184 fully illustrated cards that include:

  • 24 Unique Character Cards, each with their own powers and corresponding Super Cards
  • 36 Story Cards full of crazy, comic-book themed twists and turns.
  • 20 Team Up Cards
  • 80 Smash Cards
  • Rule Book

List of Cards in this Set:

Character & Super Cards: Story Cards:
Fossil Fool Danger’s a foot!
Rage Ranger Decompression Ray!
Cat Lady Globulus!
Implausible Man Shub Lubberbeth, The Writhing Thing From Worcester!
Cool Man Demolicious!
Mister McMimmic Blockbuster!
Doctor Wizard You’ve been conned!
Chillax Origin is the new smash!
Queen Of Diamonds New Mutation!
Ghost Pirate Plot Hole!
Eugene Djinni X Forced!
Help Centaur Zero Issues!
Night Pony Dinoshark Rampage!
Ninja Noir What doesn’t kill you makes you incredibly, incredibly powerful!
Power Walker KRAKA-THOOM!
El Bow Don’t Make Me Angry!
Dark Unicorn Largesse!
The Quitter Variant Cover!
Sands Sheriff Put on your dance pants!
Crimson Crustacean Golden Age!
Seagal Recall, recall, recall!
Doctor Deciduous Gone Parking!
Wilder Ness Spies Dislike Us!
Zebro Discard is my favorite!
Year One!
Who Spectates The Spectator?
Clones Have More Fun!


Additional Information

Dimensions 10.5 × 5 × 3 in
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