Welcome to the most exclusive and prestigious club on this website!

The Smash Masters Master’s Club (SMMC) invites you to become a real, actual hero (in our eyes). You can work your way up from a wet-behind-the-ears Recruit to a card-carrying, totally dry-behind-the-ears Smash Masters Master! And here’s the best part: You get to take your excitement and passion for Super Powered Smash Masters and turn it into great rewards, discounts, and awesome prizes – even a free signed copy of the game!

For each club level, complete the required duties then come back to this page and fill out the appropriate request form. We’ll review your submission and tell you how to get your rewards! 

Want to be a Smash Masters Master? Keep reading to check it all out.

KIDS!! Get your parents’ permission before posting online or have your parents post online for you. Questions? Contact Us!

Super Powered Smash Masters Ambassadors





Level 1 – Smash Masters Recruit



  • Forum “Recruit” Avatar Badge
  • A coupon good for 10% off anything in the DUG Shop!
  • SPSM and DUG Desktop Wallpapers
  • A printable papercraft SPSM Superhero Mask

    Created a DUG ProfileLiked DUG on Social MediaShared the SPSM Page

    Questions? Contact Us!

    Level 2 – Smash Masters Sidekick


    • Become a Recruit, then:
    • Subscribe to the DUG Monthly Newsletter (We have a new newsletter so if you were on our old one, please sign up again!)
    • Wear the SPSM Superhero Mask to your next game night, convention, or local game or comic shop, snap a photo of it, share it online, and tag us. (#SMMClub)
    • Snap a shot of you and your family or friends during an action-packed moment of Super Powered Smash Masters, share it online, and tag us. (#SMMClub)
    • Refer a friend to become a Recruit in the SMMC. (Have them mention your name when signing up so you get credit.)


    • Forum “Sidekick” Avatar Badge
    • SMM Club Patch sent to you – IN THE MAIL!
    • A high res digital 11×17 SPSM poster

      Subscribed to the DUG Monthly NewsletterWorn my SPSM Mask, Posted a Photo of it on Social Media & Tagged DUG (#SMMClub)Posted a photo of my family or friends enjoying a game of SPSM (#SMMClub)Referred a friend to become a SMMC Recruit

      *All fields required.
      Questions? Contact Us!

      Level 3 – Smash Masters Hero


      • Become a Sidekick, then:
      • Wear a Dark Unicorn Games t-shirt at your local comic or game shop or convention, snap a photo, share it online and tag us. (#SMMClub)
      • Host five (5) games of SPSM with friends or family. Photo. Share. Tag. (#SMMClub)
      • Refer five (5) friends to become SMMC Recruits!


      • Forum “Hero” Avatar Badge
      • Your name goes on the website as an SPSM ambassador
      • Receive a 5×7 art card featuring an SPSM hero, signed by the artist – IN THE MAIL!
      • Get a copy of SPSM for 50% off retail!

        Worn my DUG shirt to a comic/game store or convention (#SMMClub)Hosted 5 games of SPSM (#SMMClub)Referred 5 friends to become SMMC Recruits

        *All fields required.
        Questions? Contact Us!

        Level 4 – Smash Masters Master


        • Become a Hero, then:
        • Host a game of Super Powered Smash Masters at your local game or comic shop, snap a photo, share it online, and tag us. (#SMMClub)
        • Cosplay as your favorite SPSM character at a convention or local game or comic shop, snap a photo, share it online, and tag us. (#SMMClub)
        • Refer ten (10) friends to become SMMC Recruits!


        • Forum “Master” Avatar Badge
        • An 18 x 24 wall poster of your favorite SPSM Hero – IN THE MAIL!
        • A FREE SMM Club t-shirt – IN THE MAIL!

          Hosted a game of SPSM at a local comic or game shop (#SMMClub)Cosplayed as a SPSM character (#SMMClub)Referred 10 friends to become SMMC Recruits

          *All fields required.
          Questions? Contact Us!

          Level 5 – Master Smash Masters Master


          This invitation-only title is reserved for those heroic club members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

          Master Smash Master Master Masters are our special allies and semi-official representatives of Dark Unicorn Games. We may ask you to do all kinds of crazy stuff, like…

          • Host games in your area.
          • Become a forum moderator.
          • Assist us with our laughable social outreach efforts.
          • Help us out at conventions in your area.
          • Try out new game rules and upcoming, unreleased cards.
          • Join a call on the DUG Phone – our exclusive semi-monthly Discord streams, and chat with us about the game or, you know, stuff.


          • Forum “Master Master” Avatar Badge
          • A new MSMMM patch – IN THE MAIL!
          • An extra copy of the game upon release, signed by the team – IN THE MAIL!
          • Special access to the development team through the “DUGPhone”, our monthly Discord social calls

          Smash Masters Masters Club FAQ

          Q: Does the SMM Club cost money to join?

          A: No! Joining the club does not cost anything. Some duties at the higher ranks of the club may require that you own a copy of the game or SPSM merchandise (or know someone who does), but the main goal of the club is to spread the word about SPSM. If you can show us that you are doing that, we’re happy to work with you to see as many benefits as possible.
          Pro tip: Referring friends to join the club is a great way to raise through the SMMC ranks!

          Q: Do I need to be on social media to join?

          A: Yeah, you kinda do – or at least know someone who will be able to post club-related things on your behalf. The SMMC is about telling others about the game and so it’s hard to get away from a social media requirement. However, we’ve tried to include plenty of opportunities for old-school word of mouth and if you can show us that you’re doing that, we’re flexible!
          And hey, KIDS! Don’t post online without your parent’s say-so!

          Q: Why do you need my information and what do you do with it?

          A: We need a way for you to communicate with us about your progress and for us to send you your rewards. The best way for us to do that is for you to create a profile on our website. Your email and physical addresses are required to that end as well. (We can’t send you cool stuff in the mail without an address!) To verify that you are sharing news about the game online, we may require things like social media handles or links to posts that you make online. We DO NOT sell or share any of this information – it is for club verification purposes only. See our Privacy Statement for more information.

          Q: How do I get my rewards?

          A: When you’ve completed the duties of a particular club level, click on the “Click here to Submit Your Request” button for that level. Then fill out and submit the form. When we review your request, we’ll send you a Private Message through the website and let you know where to get your rewards.

          NOTE: This is NOT an automated process. Each request is reviewed by an actual living, breathing person, so please allow up to 72 hours for us to respond.

          Q: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

          A: 42

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