Super Powered Smash Masters™ The fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, superhero-themed, customizable card game you can play with your whole family! It’s crammed full of humor, amazing heroes, bizarro story twists, and dangerous puns.


  • Recruit a team of heroes to battle other hero teams — for no reason! It’s just like comics!
  • Defeat all rivals to win.
  • Customize your deck! Choose your best heroes and create a deck that compliments their abilities.
  • Can be combined with other SPSM sets.
  • Groups of up to 8 people (or more) can play together!
  • Fast-Paced Fun! Beat up your friends and still have time for… well… another game of Smash Masters!

“It’s a game that heroes and villains alike will enjoy.”

Jonathan Nelson, Gaming Bits Jonathan Nelson, Gaming Bits

“Both casual and fun, ‘Super Powered Smash Masters’ is one brawler that you’ll want to don your cape for because regardless of who wins or loses, you’re in for a good time.”

Vincent Paone, Dad's Gaming Addiction Vincent Paone, Dad's Gaming Addiction

“Very quick. very funny. and if you are a comic book fan, I think you’re going to love it.”

Undead Viking Undead Viking

“Not as restrictive as Pokemon. I like not having to deal with power or manna.”

Pete Pete

“The powers and actions felt balanced. I liked being able to revive fallen heroes.”

Caleb Caleb

“My friends tried to get me to play Magic: The Gathering, but it was too complicated. This was easy and fun.”

Jacob Jacob

“Light. Quick. Fun.”
“An all-around winner for me.”

Oliver George - Just Chill Tabletop Gaming Oliver George - Just Chill Tabletop Gaming

“A really cool game.”
“Straightforward and fun. The cards are funny so your kids get a laugh.”

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