Printer Update!

August 11, 2019August 11, 2019

SQUEEEEEE – we’re getting so, so close now! Check out these pics of the game before it gets shipped to our secret lair in North Carolina. We can almost smell the ink! One thing you can see in these photos is the plastic insert in each set’s box. We added slots to let you organize […]

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Spinning Wheels on Treadmills and Business

July 29, 2019July 21, 2019

A Short History of Dark Unicorn Games By John O’Neill, Chief Juggling Officer, Dark Unicorn Games Treadmills are funny things, and I’m not shy to say how much I hate them.  You can spend so much time running on those mechanized beasts, and never move from a stationary position.  Sometimes it’s hard to see what progress you’re […]

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Ready? Let’s Smash It Up!

June 10, 2019June 24, 2019

It’s official, so it’s time for the BIG reveal: Super Powered Smash Masters is AT THE PRINTER!! Yes, you read that right! We’ve been slowly (slowly) finalizing the game and raising the funds to make it happen, but in 8-10 week’s time, our Smash Cave will be overflowing with customizable card game-y goodness! We will […]

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Too Cool for School!

September 30, 2018April 10, 2019

Hey Dark Unifriends! Our kids are back to school, so we decided to write you a quick essay on what we were up to this summer. While we work on getting the finances together for our first print run, the Dark Unicorn team is making use of the time by adding more improvements to our […]

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Smash Mastering GenCon 2017

September 29, 2017April 10, 2019

We came. We saw. We smashed! Well, ok. We didn’t quite know what to expect, but man, we had a blast at GenCon 2017. Here’s some pictures and video to prove it! Thank you to all of our playtesters. Your feedback was invaluable and we’re glad that so many of you enjoyed playing Super Powered Smash […]

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GenCon, Expert Set!

September 4, 2017April 10, 2019

… and so the adventurers returned from their quest, ragged and wearied, but richer for the challenges they had conquered, the monsters they slew (those were monsters, right?), and for the new friendships forged in the chaos of smashtacular battles. We shared the noble game of Super Powered Smash Masters with the world, and returned […]

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