Connect More Previews SPSM

November 10, 2016April 10, 2019

David Minken from Connect More Board Games and his Tiny Table-Toppers playtested an advanced copy of Super Powered Smash Masters and had a great time. They posted a video preview and, from the looks of it, they really enjoyed smashing things up! (Go, Glam Rock!) Have a look for yourself: Just to clarify a few points that David mentions: […]

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Reviews! Previews! Re-Previews!

November 1, 2016April 10, 2019

Hey everyone! We’ve got a few more reviews and previews to show and to talk about. We’re glad the word is starting to get around about the game. First up, we have a review from last week by popular youtube-r Undead Viking. Lance does a great job of breaking down the game and we’re glad to […]

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Gaming Bits – Preview Review

August 18, 2016March 30, 2019

Thanks to Jonathan Nelson with Gaming Bits for this great preview/review of Super Powered Smash Masters! Here’s an excerpt: Super Powered Smash Masters is a light card game of super hero combat. The artwork for the game looks great. It has a very humorous comic book style that spoofs a lot of main stream characters. The […]

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